“All,” she says, and doesn’t say, two years to become the best. A year to break my heart. Forever to fall apart. Two months to the start of the end of everything.
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- He said to— He said to take two grown-ups.

- You mean us?

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please treasure baby tobio

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Rin looking gorgeous laying in bed

Radiant Mythology 3 skit: Luke, Guy, Yuri, and Flynn


A while ago I uploaded and translated this screenshot. Got around to translating the rest of the skit.


Guy: “Though, even you say that, the impossible just can’t be done.”


Luke: “What the hell, Guy! Didn’t you hear what I said?”


Flynn: “He seems rather uncomposed, doesn’t he? What is he saying?”


Guy: “No it’s just, Luke has always been selfish.”

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  • me: listens to a song
  • me: halfway through realizes its an OTP Song
  • me: starts the song over


could i win a fight against my entire family

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Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward

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